electronic clearing services

electronic clearing services – ECS ( Debit and Credit )

What is ECS ?

  • ECS is a mode of electronic funds transfer in a paper less mode of transactions introduced by Reserve Bank of India.
  • ECS facilitates bulk transfer of monies from one bank account to many bank accounts or vice versa using the services of a ECS Centre at a ECS location.
  • There are two types of ECS i.e ECS (credit) and ECS (debit)
  • ECS facility is an optional / an additional mode of payment.
  • Punjab National Bank is properly equipped to provide ECS (debit and credit clearing) facility for the benefit of the customers.

Benefits to Beneficiary Customer

  • The beneficiary need not visit his bank for depositing the paper instruments, which he would have otherwise received had he not opted for ECS Credit.
  • The beneficiary need not be apprehensive of loss/theft of physical instruments or the likelihood of fraudulent encashment thereof.
  • Cost effective.
  • Benefits to Institution/ Govt. deptt. /Corporate clients beneficiary etc (User Clients)
  • Savings on administrative machinery for printing, dispatch and reconciliation of paper instruments that would have been used had beneficiaries not opted for ECS Credit.
  • Avoid chances of loss/theft of instruments in transit, likelihood of fraudulent encashment of paper instruments, etc.
  • Efficient payment mode ensuring that the beneficiaries` get credit on a designated date. Cost effective.

Main features of ECS (Credit)

ECS Credit is used for affording credit to a large number of beneficiaries having accounts with bank branches at various locations within the jurisdiction of a ECS Centre by raising a single debit to an account of a bank (that maintains the account of the user institution). ECS Credit enables payment of amounts towards distribution of dividend, interest, salary, pension, etc., of the user institution

Main features of ECS (Debit)

ECS Debit is used for raising debits to a large number of accounts maintained with bank branches at various locations within the jurisdiction of a ECS Centre for single credit to an account of a bank (that maintains the account of the user institution). ECS Debit is useful for payment of telephone / electricity / water bills, cess / tax collections, loan instalment repayments, periodic investments in mutual funds, etc., that are periodic or repetitive in nature and payable to the user institution.

How to avail ECS facility ?

Application to be submitted for registration by the user clients with the branch where it is maintaining the account.

Bank will provide the S/W to be installed at user client site. The user client will submit the ECS data i.e details of transactions in a floppy to the branch where it is maintaining the account. You can avail ECS facility of payments of interest/dividend warrant, refund of share application money etc, directly in electronic form into your bank account by the institutions /companies by submitting ECS credit mandate form.

Precautions taken while fill up ECS mandate form

Please fill up 15 digit account number excluding the fifth digit while submitting the ECS (debit) mandate form, in case of you are maintaining account with our CBS branch.

For example :

If account number as appearing on the cheque book is 1234 0120 8989 9991 (16 digits) the account number for ECS purpose will be as under :

1 2 3 4 1 2 0 8 9 8 9 9 9 9 1

List of ECS (credit and debit ) Centres

(Managed by Reserve Bank of India and other Public Sector Banks)

Sno Name of Centre
Reserve Bank of India
1 Ahmedabad
2 Bangaluru
3 Bhubaneshwar
4 Chandigarh
5 Chennai
6 Guwahati
7 Hyderabad
8 Jaipur
9 Kanpur
10 Kolkatta
11 Mumbai
12 Nagpur
13 New Delhi
14 Patna
15 Thiruvananthapuram
Punjab National Bank
1 Agra
2 Allahabad
3 Aurangabad
4 Erode
5 Gorakhpur
6 Jalandhar
7 Jammu
8 Kolhapur
9 Lucknow
10 Ludhiana
11 Mysore
12 Udaipur
13 Varanasi
State Bank of Mysore
1 Devanagere
2 Hassan
3 Mandya
4 Shimoga
5 Tumkar
State Bank of Indore
1 Indore
Union Bank of India
1 Belgaum
2 Jamshedpur
3 Pune
4 Salem
State Bank of India
1 Asansol
2 Baroda
3 Bijapur
4 Burdwan
5 Calicut
6 Cuttak
7 Dehradun
8 Dhanbad
9 Durgapur
10 Gadag
11 Gangtok
12 Gwalior
13 Hubli
14 Imphal
15 Jabalpur
16 Jodhpur
17 Kakinada
18 Nashik
19 Nellore
20 Panaji
21 Pondicherry
22 Raipur
23 Ranchi
24 Shimla
25 Shillong
26 Sholapur
27 Silliguri
28 Surat
29 Tirupur
30 Tirupati
31 Trichur
32 Trichy
33 Udupi
S.No Name OF The Centre
State Bank of Hyderabad
1 Gulbarga
2 Raichur
3 Vijayawada
Bank of Baroda
1 Coimbatore
2 Jamnagar
3 Rajkot
State Bank of Bikaner & Jaipur
1 Bikaner
2 Bhilwara
Andhra Bank
1 Visakhapatnam
State Bank of Travancore
1 Ernakulam (kochi)
Corporation Bank
1 Mangalore
Oriental Bank of Commerce
1 Amritsar
Canara Bank
1 Madurai
Central Bank of India
1 Bhopal
Union Bank of India
1 Haldia

For any further clarification you may contact :

Nirmal K Singh

(Chief Manager)

Punjab National Bank

Transaction Banking Division

Head Office

5, Sansad Marg New Delhi

or send a mail to

or contact at 011 - 23359035, 23766383, 23710021 (Ext. 349)

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